Yealink Headset Adapter for Wireless Headset

Yealink Connect Phone with EXP+EHS36+Wireless Headset in Daisy Chain

Connect Phone with EXP+EHS36+Wireless Headset in Daisy Chain
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[Issue Description]

Connect Yealink phone +EXP+EHS36+wireless headset in daisy chain is a common use for most users. But how to connect them correctly may be a hard task. Here take Plantronics and Jabra wireless headset for example.


Plantronics: T28+EXP38+EHS36+Plantronics wireless headset


Jabra: T28+EXP38+EHS36+Jabra wireless headset


[More Information]

For more information and support, please feel free to contact Yealink FAE by . 

[Product Model]

SIP-T48S,SIP-T46S,SIP-T42S,SIP-T40G,SIP-T40P,SIP-T29G,SIP-T27G,W52P,LCD Expansion Module EXP40,Wireless Headset Adapter EHS36,VP530,SIP-T38G,SIP-T32G,SIP-T28P,CP860,SIP-T26P,SIP-T22P,SIP-T21P,SIP-T20P,SIP-T19P,IP Phone Expansion Module EXP38,LCD Expansion Module EXP39,SIP-T48G,SIP-T46G,SIP-T42G,SIP-T27P ,SIP-T41P

[Firmware Version]

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