How to download D and P-Series Phone PTSR File

How to download D and P-Series Phone PTSR File

When a D-Series or P-Series phone encounters a problem or issue that requires the help of our Engineering group, we will likely need to pull the PTSR from the phone.

The PTSR (Phone Tech Support Report) is a binary file stored on Sangoma phones that can provide vital information regarding the configuration of the phone, logs and current status.

NOTE:  A PTSR should be done immediately after the issue happens.  Within a 1-10 minute period maximum, otherwise it will not be helpful.

You can retrieve a PTSR from your D or P phone using a browser and the following URL: http://<ip_address_of_phone>/cgi-bin/ptsr

For example:

Any up-to-date browser using this URL should offer a download of the phone's PTSR file.
Once downloaded, the file can be sent to Fonesoft Technical support. 

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