Audio issues on some Android Phones

SangomaConnect Audio Issues on Some Android Phones

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Some Android phones may experience no audio or one way audio issues with Sangoma Connect mobile app when Android Call Integration feature is enabled. It is highly recommended to disable Call Integration feature on those android phones.

Here are the steps to disable Call Integration on the Sangoma Connect Android mobile application:

  1. On the mobile phone, click on the settings bettong on the upper right corner

  2. In the settings menu, choose Preferences

  3. From the Preferences menu, choose Controls

  4. From the Controls menu, choose Call integration

  5. If the value for Call integration mode is not showing Disabled click on the value and set it to Disabled

N.B: When  Call Integration feature is disabled, the Android system may decide to automatically reject new Sangoma Connect mobile calls if there is  an ongoing call in another app or on the GSM.

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